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Workforce Training Programs

for Acute Care Providers

Building upon the work of the Iroquois Healthcare Association Workforce Investment Organization (IHA WIO), IHA applied for and received funding from the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation to extend our WIO workforce training programs to acute care providers in Upstate New York.

While we have focused our initial efforts on our IHA membership, we now have funding left for non-IHA members in UNY. 

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Join the NYS Donate Life Registry Partner Program

Every day, hospitals and healthcare systems help create a donation-friendly New York by engaging in activities to increase organ and tissue donation. In 2020, nearly 2,500 lifesaving organ transplants were performed in NYS, and the lives of thousands of others were healed through tissue and corneal donation. Thanks to your commitment, each year between 500 and 600 families are provided comfort knowing their loved ones’ legacies live on in patients whose lives were saved or healed through their selfless gift of donation.

To further support hospitals and healthcare systems’ efforts to increase organ and tissue donation, Iroquois Healthcare Association is collaborating with Donate Life NYS to introduce the New York State Donate Life Registry Partner Program

We hope you will support the efforts of Iroquois Hospital Association and Donate Life NYS to increase enrollment in the NYS Donate Life Registry. Click below to learn more.

DOH Provides Guidance on PPE Regulation 

DOH has issued guidance on the PPE stockpile regulation adopted by the Public Health and Health Planning Council on July 29.

Click here to access the PPE Stockpile Guidance

Hospitals must be in compliance with the regulation by August 31. The first measurement date for HERDS reporting will be September 1.

The 60-day stockpile requirement shall be determined using the formulas below times 60 days.

Read more for additional details on the 60-day stockpile requirement formulas.


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