PHHPC to Consider Revised PPE and Surge & Flex Regulations

DOH has proposed the following revised PPE and Surge and Flex regulations for the July 29, 2021 PHHPC meeting:

The changes in the newly proposed regulations from the emergency regulations which have been in effect include:

  • PPE stockpile requirements are reduced from 90 days to 60 days; Commissioner has discretion to increase requirement to 90 days during a public health emergency;
  • PPE stockpile amounts are determined by a specified formula rather than the average usage from April 13-27, 2020; there are separate formulas for hospitals and nursing homes;
  • Hospitals may be required to surge up to 50% instead of 100%.

IHA has advocated changes to the emergency regulations to provide more flexibility. We will keep you updated on the issue.

A detailed summary of the proposed changes may be viewed below:

Proposed Revisions

For more information, please contact Andrew Jewett, Director, Hospital Preparedness Program at