January 8, 2020

“The Upstate NY Healthcare Coalition is hopeful that the final, enacted State budget will include progressive initiatives for Upstate NY’s hospitals and health systems.

We applaud Governor Cuomo’s investment in statewide workforce development initiatives, as outlined in today’s State of the State address. However, we believe investments of this nature must include healthcare. Upstate NY communities rely on their local healthcare industries, especially in our rural and underserved areas, yet lack the appropriate resources – both human and financial capital – to fill current workforce gaps.

Upstate NY’s hospitals and healthcare providers have recently experienced unprecedented cuts that are unsustainable. Over half of Upstate NY’s hospitals reported negative operating margins in 2017. Healthcare cuts negate the positive transformation that New York’s hospitals and health systems have undergone in recent years, despite facing major financial challenges. Our coalition remains concerned that additional cuts to Upstate hospitals will impair their ability to provide access and care to all they serve causing detrimental effects for the people of our communities.

The Upstate NY Healthcare Coalition will continue to advocate diligently for our hospitals and health systems to support an innovative and progressive healthcare delivery system throughout our Upstate NY communities. We look forward to working with the Administration and Legislature to ensure every Upstate New Yorker receives access, quality and the level of care they deserve.”

The Upstate New York Healthcare Coalition is a partnership between Iroquois Healthcare Alliance and Pandion Optimization Alliance. The Coalition represents over 60 hospitals and healthcare systems in approximately 45 counties and 40,000 square miles across Upstate New York. Gary J. Fitzgerald is the President & CEO of Iroquois Healthcare Alliance and Travis Heider is the President & CEO of Pandion Optimization Alliance. To learn more, please visit

Gary J. Fitzgerald
President & CEO

Travis Heider
President & CEO