More on Programs & Initiatives Update – Summer 2022 Newsletter

IHA WIO is working on several exciting programs and projects to bring value to IHA members and assist with recruitment, retention and training efforts. The IHA Mother Cabrini Scholarship award recipients have been given their 2022 scholarship funds, and the Acute Care Training Program is being expanded with a content refresh and a series of recruitment and retention webinars. The Caring Gene® recruitment website now features hospital job postings, and is currently free to all IHA members.

IHA Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Scholarship Program

The IHA Mother Cabrini Health Foundation (MCHF) Scholarship was awarded to 28 IHA member hospitals who will distribute the funds to employees working towards earning certification/licensure in one of the following areas; RN, LPN, respiratory therapist, medical technician or lab technician. The program gave out a total of $264,000 in scholarships.

IHA Acute Care Training Program

The IHA Acute Care Training Program is going through a course refresh this summer to ensure the curriculum remains relevant and beneficial to participants. The program provides free online courses to IHA hospital members. There are over 90 courses available in a wide variety of areas such as professional development, healthcare 101, diversity, equity and inclusion, and personal well-being. IHA also offers free technology in the form of Google Chromebooks to ensure that all employees can access the modules.

This program also includes a series of six educational webinars focused on innovative solutions to healthcare’s most relevant issues. IHA partnered with Advocates for Human Potential (AHP), an organization that is nationally recognized for its expertise in training and technical assistance for healthcare providers and systems. AHP has focused from the beginning on improving systems that support organizations and people in achieving health and wholeness. We conducted the first webinar, “Putting People First: An Approach to Mapping the Workforce and Developing a Plan” on June 14th. You can find the recorded webinar at our website by following this link:

The remaining webinar dates, topics and registration links are included below:
• Changing the Equation: Best Practices in Recruiting and Hiring
July 19th, 12 pm – 1pm
• Dotting the I’s: Compensation and Benefits as Incentives for Workforce Longevity
September 13th, 12 pm – 1pm
• Granting Voice, Offering Growth: Training, Supervision, and Performance Management as Retention Strategies
October 18th, 12 pm – 1 pm
• Keeping It Fresh: Best Practices in Employee Engagement
November 15th, 12 pm – 1 pm
• Bolstering the Workforce: Resiliency, Workplace Wellbeing and Retention
December 13th, 12 pm – 1 pm

Caring Gene® Recruitment Website

Hospitals are now able to post job openings on, at no cost. The award-winning recruitment website is home to educational content that informs individuals about care industry professions and features a location-based job search. employs the use of targeted ads built by artificial intelligence (AI) technology. AI aggregates a large amount of data to establish a profile of what a caring individual looks like online, and uses the data to identify real people that align with the profile. Caring Gene® uses the information to show ads to those individuals that are likely to excel in care positions. The goal is to bring quality applicants to your hospital job postings.

IHA WIO received a Google Ads grant that provides funding to sponsor paid ads. We use the ad funds to boost individual job posts on If your organization would like to post jobs on and receive a Google Ad on one of your postings, please contact Andrew Nault at

IHA WIO also launched several new updates to in April to attract new job seekers and enhance the user experience. The site now features an interactive map of NYS that allows job seekers to select the county or counties they are interested in seeing job posts for. The seeker can also distinguish what type of setting they want to work in with the option of seeing posts for “Hospital”, “In Home” or “Nursing Home/Assisted Living”.