Upstate Works – Winter 2023/2024 Newsletter

Upstate Works logo

Upstate Works, Iroquois Healthcare Association’s premier private label staffing agency, has been operational for over 1 year now. During this time, we have achieved a remarkable total projected savings of nearly $8 million and an impressive average savings between 16-19%. These savings highlight the significant impact Upstate Works has made in reducing costs and optimizing financial outcomes.

We are proud to see Upstate Works delivering tangible benefits to our members, with no upfront or extra costs. At IHA, we are committed to exploring innovative strategies that empower our members and foster financial stability. We anticipate even more noteworthy outcomes as we continue to leverage the advantages offered by Upstate Works.

Interested in Participating?

Upstate Works offers effective promotion of job openings for participating facilities, including clinical, allied health, locums, and non-clinical positions.

If you are interested in joining the Upstate Works program, please reach out to Lauren Ford at We look forward to assisting you and providing further information on how Upstate Works can benefit your organization.