UISS Update – Fall 2023 Newsletter

As IHA hospital margins are struggling UISS continues to partner with strategic partners to bring forth creative solutions to the IHA members to reduce cost and improve quality. Earlier this year, we contracted with Remi who provides a unique approach to clinical equipment repair and maintenance services delivering savings between 16-20% The success of the program is driven by providing discounted OEM services which are often preferred by clinicians but also offer third party service and support offerings for even deeper savings.

The Remi Group provides comprehensive Equipment Maintenance Management Programs (EMMP) for government entities, hospitals and healthcare providers, colleges and universities and other commercial operations. They specialize in providing quality service, technical resources, innovative management systems, and financially secure solutions.

The Remi Group does not repair or maintain equipment; however, we do provide our customers with the tools and support necessary to reduce their maintenance budget while improving equipment performance.

Remi currently manages 27 statewide equipment maintenance management programs. Their vast proprietary database and robust online interface (Remi Online) is powered by over 20 years of repair and maintenance history.

Several members have already implemented the program and are seeing positive results and other reviews are underway.

UISS has also been working with its members on discrete purchased services initiatives and year to date have realized $1.8million dollars in cost savings.

As purchased services represents a significant percentage of a hospitals total operating expense and has been largely untouched, we will continue to work with IHA members on reducing purchased service cost as part of our total cost management platform and we will be rolling out a new IHA Opt-In program to the IHA hospitals to participate in regional aggregation collaboratives for purchased services. Stay tuned.