Programs & Initiatives Update – Spring 2024 Newsletter

IHA Mother Cabrini Scholarship Program

The third installment of the IHA Mother Cabrini Scholarship is underway, with $500,000 in scholarships being distributed in 2024. There are 26 IHA members receiving scholarships, and each participating organization has $19,230 to spend on education for their employees. Educational programs eligible for funding include RN, Medical Tech, Surgical Tech, Medical Assistant, and Respiratory Therapist. These five positions have the highest vacancy rates across Upstate New York, according to the latest survey conducted by IHA.

With the addition of the 2024 awards IHA will have provided over $1 million in scholarship funds to low-income and diverse IHA hospital employees since 2021. We thank the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation for their generosity and continued dedication to serving New York’s most vulnerable.

Potential 2025 Mother Cabrini Grants

The letter of intent and application process for 2025 funding through the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation began in April. IHA submitted two letters of intent for new grant projects to be funded in 2025.

The first potential grant project will fund online training for workplace violence prevention through HealthStream, a leading learning management platform. Courses will focus on de-escalation tactics and strategies to ensure that every IHA member employee has the necessary tools to keep themselves safe. This project would also fund the creation of a digital tool-kit focused on workplace violence prevention. The tool-kit would take the same format of IHA’s Mental Health and Well-Being digital tool-kit, featuring various individual and organizational planning and implementation tools to decrease workplace violence.

The second potential grant would fund early college in the high school program pilots. This project idea is based on the successful program currently being facilitated at Oswego Health. Read more about Oswego’s program here. IHA’s pilot programs would work to connect high school students with their local hospital to explore potential careers while earning college credit. The program intends to decrease staffing shortages as well as strengthen local economies by introducing high school students to stable and well-paying careers.

Conclusion of the IHA Acute Care Online Training Program

After three years of facilitating the Acute Care Online Training program, the program will be ending on June 30, 2024. We thank the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation for their support in funding this program. Through this funding IHA was able to provide over 120 free online training courses to its member hospitals. Since program inception, approximately 15,000 courses were completed in topics that ranged from Healthcare 101 to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

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