January 21, 2020

Statement from the Upstate New York Healthcare Coalition in Response to Governor Cuomo’s Executive Budget Proposal

ALBANY, NY – The Upstate New York Healthcare Coalition acknowledges Governor Andrew M. Cuomo for his support of New York’s healthcare delivery system, made evident by several provisions outlined in his 2020-21 Executive Budget Proposal.

Upstate New York’s hospitals and health systems are the safety-net of their communities. They are not like their Downstate counterparts where access to care is a short walk down the block or quick subway ride away. Upstate hospitals are often the only source of emergency and primary care for many miles, yet nearly 85% of hospitals throughout Upstate New York are operating with negative margins.

The Executive Budget Proposal reconvenes the Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) to reform the State’s Medicaid program and identify billions in Medicaid savings by April 1, 2020. The Upstate New York Healthcare Coalition remains concerned that any additional cuts to our hospitals will impair the ability to provide high-quality care, causing devastating effects on our communities. We request the MRT consider the unique qualities of Upstate New York that affect access to care including healthcare workforce shortages, geography, and transportation services.

We appreciate the Governor’s investments in public health initiatives including lowering prescription drug costs and protecting Upstate New York’s youth by banning flavored e-cigarettes.

We will continue to advocate diligently for our hospitals and health systems to support an innovative and progressive healthcare delivery system throughout our Upstate New York communities. We look forward to working closely with the Administration, Legislature and MRT to ensure every Upstate New Yorker receives the access, quality and level of care they deserve.

The Upstate New York Healthcare Coalition is a partnership between Iroquois Healthcare Alliance and Pandion Optimization Alliance. The Coalition represents over 60 hospitals and healthcare systems in approximately 45 counties and 40,000 square miles across Upstate New York. Gary J. Fitzgerald is the President & CEO of Iroquois Healthcare Alliance and Travis Heider is the President & CEO of Pandion Optimization Alliance. To learn more, please visit

Gary J. Fitzgerald
President & CEO

Travis Heider
President & CEO