Janssen Vaccine Reaffirmed

Governor Cuomo and Commissioner Zucker announced that NYS would accept the CDC and FDA recommendations to resume use of the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine.

DOH distributed a message to vaccine providers regarding the use of the Janssen vaccine which includes links to FDA fact sheets for providers and recipients.

CDC will hold a webinar to update clinicians tomorrow at 2 pm.

Return To Work Guidance

DOH issued revised return to work guidance on April 22. It supersedes the previously issued April 1 guidance. Changes include:

• The definition of exposure has been revised with the underlined words being added: “Exposure is defined as having had prolonged close contact in a healthcare setting with a patient, visitor, or HCP with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment per CDC guidelines; had close community contact within 6 feet of a confirmed or suspected case for a cumulative 10 minutes or more within a 24 hour period; or was deemed to have had an exposure [including proximate contact] by a local health department.”

• For asymptomatic staff who recently traveled internationally, only those HCP who are not vaccinated and have not recovered from COVID-19 in the previous 3 months must furlough.

DOH also revised quarantine protocols for community persons exposed to COVID-19

HERDS Survey Revisions

Effective tomorrow, HERDS survey questions relating to vaccination will be condensed from 18 questions to 5, and will be required once a week (Tuesdays) rather than daily. The new questions are:

1. Approximately, how many people work at or for your hospital?
2. Of those, how many are currently recorded as declining a first dose of the vaccine?
3. How many employees who work at or for your hospital are fully vaccinated (two doses of a two dose or one of a single dose)?
4. Of those fully vaccinated employees who work at or for your hospital how many have, after full vaccination, tested positive for COVID-19? and
5. How many eligible people have you identified that can be vaccinated at your facility in the 7-day time frame starting next Thursday through the following Wednesday (assuming you had vaccine supply)?

For more information, please contact Andrew Jewett, Director, Hospital Preparedness Program at ajewett@iroquois.org.