DOH has issued guidance on the PPE stockpile regulation adopted by the Public Health and Health Planning Council on July 29.

Click here to access the PPE Stockpile Guidance

Hospitals must be in compliance with the regulation by August 31. The first measurement date for HERDS reporting will be September 1.

The 60-day stockpile requirement shall be determined using the formulas below times 60 days:

  • Single gloves – 15% x staffed beds x 550;
  • Gowns – 15% x staffed beds x 41;
  • Surgical masks – 15% x staffed beds x 21;
  • N95 respirator masks – 15% x staffed beds x 9.6.

DOH has calculated each hospital’s required level of PPE and will make that data available to the CEO, COO and HERDS responder role. The data report may be found within the Health Commerce System (HCDMS) on the Health Commerce System.

For more information, please contact Andrew Jewett, Director, Hospital Preparedness Program at