A Message From Our CEO – Winter 2023/2024 Newsletter

This fall, winter and into the New Year, the Iroquois team has continued its focus on ensuring policy makers are aware of the challenges faced by our Upstate and Rural hospitals. In doing so we joined with the Assembly Upstate Delegation to hold our annual press conference highlighting the unprecedented challenges you all face as you make it your priority to ensure access to safe, high quality health care in Upstate New York. In addition, we bolstered our message by testifying at the Assembly hearing on the state of the health care workforce.

The IHA team makes it our priority to bring your issues to the attention of Governor Hochul and state legislators to let them know that access to healthcare is still under threat due to increased costs, crippling staffing shortages, severely limited days cash on hand, unfunded mandates, and the near constant concern that without additional resources access to care in Upstate will be limited.

Thanks to your help and participation we continue our data driven advocacy strategies, which allows us to provide near real time data to paint the picture for policy makers.

IHA is only able to make an impact due to the dedicated efforts of our member hospitals. I thank you for your survey contributions, your forum participation, and your willingness to work together in the fight towards a better future for Upstate healthcare. We look forward to our continued work together in 2024.

As President and CEO of Iroquois, I am proud of the work we do together to bolster the strength and resiliency of New York’s Upstate hospitals and health systems by providing a coherent, unified, regional voice focused on the issues affecting health care in Upstate New York. It is your staunch commitment to service that has held communities together and preserved quality access to care for upstate and rural New Yorkers.

Thank you for your continued leadership, membership and dedication to IHA. Without your contributions we would not be able to make the impacts that we have. Our efforts will not cease and we will continue to fight for our members.

IHA’s newsletter features highlights and updates on our advocacy efforts, programs & initiatives, United Iroquois Shared Services (UISS) group purchasing updates, as well as what’s happening inside IHA. We want to take a moment to fill you in on all the association has accomplished in 2023 and a bit of what’s in store for 2024. We hope you enjoy this edition!