A Message From Our CEO – Spring 2022 Newsletter

A Message From Our CEO

Increased financial resources, patient safety, pandemic response, recruitment and retention tools to address the Upstate healthcare workforce crisis – these initiatives are the priorities at the root of IHA’s data-driven advocacy as we continue to represent the unified voice of and support for Upstate New York’s hospitals and health systems and the dedicated workers that are employed by them.

The Iroquois Healthcare Association (IHA) is pleased to share our Spring 2022 Newsletter with you. IHA’s newsletter features highlights and updates on our advocacy efforts, programs & initiatives, United Iroquois Shared Services (UISS) group purchasing updates, as well as what’s happening inside IHA. We want to take a moment to fill you in on all the association is doing thus far in 2022.

In recognition of the budget surplus New York currently has to address the various operational, workforce and other systemic issues unique to Upstate hospitals, IHA is urging the investment in and adoption of the following policies:

  • Significant increase in Medicaid rates.
  • Addition of $100 million in state supported funding for Upstate Hospitals.
  • Continued $10 million investment in IHA Workforce Investment Organization (WIO).
  • Reinvestment of $500,000 in the “Take-A-Look” program run by IHA to educate healthcare professionals about the career opportunities available in Upstate and rural New York State.

Collectively, we need to contribute to the production of a better prepared healthcare workforce and recruitment and retention efforts that support the healthcare delivery system. Needs are particularly acute in rural areas and will require innovative approaches.

IHA is focusing advocacy efforts around the need for additional investment in Upstate and rural hospitals in the form of a rural add-on or additional state investment in these hospitals.

Moreover, we are advocating for continued funding for the IHA WIO to continue to address workforce needs as we await the establishment of the new DOH Workforce Office and during the GAP year as we await CMS approval of the DOH 1115 Waiver Application.

As we look to a time post-COVID-19, we acknowledge the fatigue that we all feel as a society, but rest assured IHA has not lost sight of the stress and fatigue experienced by those working in our hospitals and health care systems across Upstate New York. We are working tirelessly to address your specific needs.




Gary Fitzgerald