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Credentialing and Enrollment Management Services


3WON is a health information technology company specializing in credentialing and enrollment management services for hospitals and health systems, medical groups, independent physicians and health insurance plans.  3WON has developed technology to streamline the collection, management and distribution of medical professional data used to credential professionals in order to substantially reduce cost and administrative burden associated with legacy credentialing processes.  They do this through a single online form, which is mapped and auto-populated to any necessary hospital or payer form and is updated in near real-time, ensuring that the most accurate data is always available.  3WON is working with healthcare associations across the country, striving to provide greater convenience and safety to consumers as they seek to identify, locate, and connect with physicians and other healthcare providers online.

For more information regarding 3WON, please visit them online or  contact Tim Smith at (630) 992-7777 or  You may also contact Iroquois’ Cindy Morris, Executive Vice President, at (518) 348-7455 or

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