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What is ESP?

The Iroquois Employee Services Program, or ESP, serves as a benefits and information resource for health care workers in Upstate New York. The ESP provides a host of resources, discounts, and information to keep the health care worker informed and appreciated. Organizational membership in the Employee Services Program allows a health care organization's employee to access significant discounts and services that are specially packaged and customized for Iroquois.

How To Access ESP Discounts and Services

Access to discounts and services may be done online using the ESP membership ID or, in a very few instances, by showing an ESP membership card at participating businesses.  The ESP membership card can be printed off the web site.  Details for access to the discounts are located in the "Your Benefit" boxes within the ESP web site offerings.

When visiting the ESP for the first time, employees will register using the ESP membership ID, their email address, and providing their member organization name.  Employees need to create a private password and then are set to enjoy the benefits that the ESP offers by simply logging in.  Future visits only require a quick email login and password!


Our Partners

Iroquois has established relationships and partnerships with various businesses to bring busy health care employees a variety of local, regional, and national services. 

Our strategic partner, Mohawk Healthcare, has been instrumental in our ability to develop and provide this exciting program to the health care community of Upstate New York.  


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