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Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company (MLMIC)  is the largest New York State-based medical malpractice insurer, providing quality professional liability insurance to physicians, dentists, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals at the lowest possible cost consistent with fiscal responsibility.  MLMIC provides coverage to a large number of Iroquois members, including expert legal defense, claims, and risk management services.  MLMIC stands behind its philosophy to aggressively defend and resist payment for groundless claims and expeditiously compensate claimants with meritorious claims.

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Lockton Companies is the world's largest privately held independent insurance broker and the ninth largest broker of U.S.-based businesses, providing comprehensive human resources consulting services in health and welfare, technology solutions, benefit communication, retirement services and executive benefits.  Additionally, the Lockton Northeast Benefits Group offers specialized consulting in the areas of actuarial services, health risk management, international benefits, compliance services, and pharmacy analysis.  Lockton helps organizations implement wellness programs as part of their health risk solutions strategies.  Lastly, Lockton uses InfoLock® Employee Benefits data to identify trends in chronic disease, high-cost claims, and utilization of services so you can understand the health risk factors driving your healthcare costs.
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Alexander Benefits Consulting and the Health Benefits Alliance (HBA) Trust is a collaborative effort providing competitive insurance solutions to hospital systems and healthcare facilities nationwide. Through their expertise, and the scale of the HBA Trust, Alexander Benefits is able to negotiate financial arrangements and multi-year rate guarantees, helping clients save money while simultaneously improving their offerings. Primary Trust products include group and voluntary life insurance, disability insurance, stop-loss and benefits administration.

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The Murray Group Insurance Services, Inc., is a premier New York insurance agency specializing in New York insurance solutions that pair quality coverage options with the most competitive insurance rates in the NY insurance market.

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