Regulatory Updates

Legislation and regulations are intricately linked and, as a general rule, regulations are more specific and follow within 1-2 years of the legislation.  However, there is self-implementing legislation which is specific enough not to need regulations.  As a general rule, legislation "Makes the Law" and regulations "Implement the Law."

Another important step, especially in New York State, is interpretation of the regulations by Department of Health officials through opinions and enforcement.

Input, monitoring, and communications are important at all levels of the process in developing and implementing legislation, regulations, and interpretations.  Iroquois encourages members to utilize the Association in identifying issues which must be addressed or clarified.  Iroquois serves as a two-way communication to receive input and information from hospitals and provide this information to legislators and regulators, as well as to alert members of pending regulations and clarification or interpretation.

Iroquois provides regulatory updates on a continuous basis through email and face-to-face communications.  Written and oral communications are given at various Iroquois meetings regarding proposed regulations, interpretations, and pressing issues.  Written communications are also sent via direct mailings to various member groups.

For more information, contact Allan Filler, Senior Director of Policy Development, at or (518) 348-7440.

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